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ID: E0046 Viktoria
Country: Ukraine
City: Cherkasy
Date of Birth: 04/11/1974
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height (cm): 163
Weight (kg): 54
Marital status: divorced
Children: yes (a son-1994)
Drink alcohol: no
Smoke: no
English level: basic
Person age from: 39 to 60

Self description: I dont think I will say something original about myself or can tell you something you haven’t heard from other women. I will tell you a banal thing about myself that I am a simple woman looking for love and care. Yes, all women are different but at the same time we are very similar. Personally I can be a wonderful housewife making comfort in our home, cooking tasty food and waiting for my family to come home and for them to feel very comfortable. But I can also be a strict and punctual business lady with a lot of business meetings. If you are looking for a real woman, partner in your life, friend and lover than it can easily be me.
Eye colour: grey
Hair colour: brown
Nationality: Ukrainian
Hobbies and interests: cooking
What you are looking in your partner: I have a lot of positive and wonderful things hidden inside of me that will make my future husband happy but I also know what negative features I have and hope to find the man who will love me and accept my both good and bad sides. I want him to be a man of a word who can protect our family from everything but can be soft and kind with me.
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