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ID: S0002 Elena
Country: Ukraine
City: Vinnitsa
Date of Birth: 15/03/1966
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height (cm):182
Weight (kg):72
Education: university
Marital status: divorced
Children: no
Drink alcohol: on special occasions
Smoke: no
English level: can explain my thoughts on a simple level
Person age from: 40 to 60


Self description: I am tactical, wise, with a filling of tact and measure. Educated, joyful, energetic but calm. I respect opinions of another people, but in the same time I expect respect for me. I am conscientious, sympathetic, interesting, curious, with a good taste, sincere.
I am fond of volleyball, I was playing it professionally during 10 years. When I get opportunity I still play it. I like to grow my room plants and enjoy when I have much greens at home. I like cooking very much and ohh yes I cook very tasty and every time invent something new. Travelling and discovering new things is my biggest hobby.

Eye colour: grey-green
Hair colour: dark blond
Religion: Christian
Nationality: Ukrainian
Profession: engineer
Hobbies and interests: literature, volleyball, theatre, concerts, newspapers and magazines, travelling, swimming, to spend my time with family and friends, outdoor activities, music, making my house comfortable
Musical tastes: disco
What you are looking in your partner:
I would like to meet kind, well-balanced, tender and attentive man which would love me.
I want to do everything together with my partner and always be together!

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