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ID: G001110 Svetlana
Country: Ukraine
City: Kiev
Date of Birth: 23/02/1964

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height (cm): 181
Weight (kg): 67
Education: Agricultural University
Marital status: widow
Children: yes (2 sons
born in 1983 and 1989)
Drink alcohol: no
Smoke: no
English level: occasionally
Person age from: 50 to 75

Self description: Character .... Quiet, modest, balanced, no matter what or when happen, whatever people can do - I am not offended (because I think that people are not to blame for their actions, everything goes by itself and eventually I "calm down"). I am active, sociable and I like to communicate with people, to exchange some ideas, to make new friends.
Eye colour: green
Hair colour: red

Religion: Orthodox
Nationality: Ukrainian
Hobbies and interests: In my spare time, though it is not a lot, I try to spend active and with my friends. If there is a company of friends, we go to drive on rollers for example. Also I raft on the Dnieper river with them, as I like rafting very much.



But, perhaps, the first place among all my hobbies takes traveling. It does not matter where to go: wherever there is a place worthy of attention I visit it. I love quads – it is incredible to travel through the desert with no speed limit. Also I like to embroider and  take care of plants (which I brings from my trips)
I have enjoyed snorkeling in the Indian and Pacific oceans, the Red, Black, Mediterranean Seas, the Caribbean and the Australian Archipelago ...
I collect plates and magnets from all the places that I have visited. Also I collect different souvenirs, stamps, badges, books. I have a big collection of clowns that were released up to 60s.

What you are looking in your partner: What I appreciate in men .... Perhaps, understanding, caring and warm-heartedness. This is perhaps the most important, and everything else is a little thing in life. We just need to respect each other, to take care about each other and try to understand and support in every situation. 

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