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ID: E0038 Lidia
Country: Ukraine
City: Sarny
Date of Birth:
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height (cm): 165
Weight (kg): 62
High school
Marital status: divorced
Children: yes (a daughter-1987; a son - 1981)
Drink alcohol: occasionally
Smoke: no
English level: basic
Person age from: 58  to 75

Self description: Hello, thanks for having a look at my profile :-) You probably wonder what I am doing here, so do I :-)  My name is Lidia, I am an independent woman in full vigor as they say I am like an adventure book of big size (many pages of experience) and that’s why we will find a topic  to discuss... I am a good listener, I am carrying and sympathetic. I am not old-fashioned, so do not expect me to be boring and do not be boring yourself. Last  year I made a trip abroad for the first time in my life.. And I understood that life is just begins.  Life is the time when you can simply enjoy.. when you are wise enough to fight  for your priorities, to risk or  to feel desperate.. when you can explore and see things you could not imagine.. Life is more than your routine, then “what would others say” or “I made a mistake”.. Life is when you can try things you never did before.. But not on your own..
Eye colour: brown
Hair colour: brown
Religion: Orthodox
Nationality: Ukrainian
Hobbies and interests: literature, health way of life, sport
What you are looking in your partner: I am looking for a single man who first of all is an honest person! I like open people and direct people who do not talk behind your back. A real man is someone who has a good sense of humor but is serious in his deeds. I already have everything as every established personality, so I just need a friend, a companion  to spend  the  life in respect and admiration of each other.. I am learning to dream.. and who knows may be it is possible to fall in love? It is very nice to look at couples celebrating “golden wedding” but we have got a chance to experience the fresh feelings, which are already refined, wise, REAL, meaningful.. I will invite an interesting gentleman for a dinner to any part of the world.
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