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ID: N0138 Svetlana
Country: Ukraine
City: Kiev
Date of Birth:
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height (cm): 16
Weight (kg): 67
Education: higher
Marital status: divorced
Children: yes (2 daughters: 1989 and 1985)

Drink alcohol: occasionally
Smoke: no
English level: basic
Person age from:
50 to 70

Self description: I'm very energetic person. Life is too short, so I don't want to waist it for sadness and routine. I'm cheerful and optimistic. I believe that if you want something very much the whole world will be helping you in achieving your goal. "Never give up!" says my motto. Also I like to have fun and to laugh.
Eye colour: brown
Hair colour: blonde

Religion: Orthodox
Nationality: Ukrainian

Profession: Psychology, private practice
Hobbies and interests: I like to discover everything new so I'm very curious person.

I like to watch educational and informative programmes. I like cooking and everybody says that I can do it well. So my man will never be hungry.
What you are looking in your partner: I want him to be thoughtful, faithful, family oriented, goal oriented, dependable, thankful, optimistic, open-minded, easy-going. I do not give any preferences to his appearance, as I do not really care about it. Here we have a saying: meeting you first time-people pay attention to your clothes and appearance, but the see you of judging your inner world brain. Appearance -is just a clothes that god gives us, and it becoming older and loosing its freshness, brightness and newness.

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