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ID: I0752 Anna
Country: Ukraine
City: Vinnitsa
Date of Birth
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height (cm): 169
Weight (kg): 52
Education: higher
Marital status:
Drink alcohol:
English level: beginner
Person age from: 28 to 42

Self description: I believe in old-fashioned values and place a high importance on the family values my parents showed me. I always treat people as I would like to be treated by them and that is why I get along well with my family, friends and colleagues. I would say that I am more listener than a speaker. I hate arguments because I do not want to get a stress. I am a woman who is very serious and sincerely willing to settled down and create a family, to enjoy life in marriage. I am curious about everything in life and open to new experiences, people and cultures. I am passionate about life and all small things that are important every day like touching, kissing, laughing, sharing. Together anything is possible and I want very badly to see what is possible with a man who loves me and I love him.
Eye colour: blue

Hair colour: Dark
Religion: Orthodox
Nationality: Ukrainian
Profession: : civil servant

Hobbies and interests: I like nature, swimming, sea and sun. I enjoy trying new things, reading, arts. I love long walks under the stars and slow dancing. Cooking and making my home cozy are my hobbies too.
What you are looking in your partner: I am looking for a man who is able to understand and to support me in difficult situations. A man who has a sense of humor and is intelligent. Someone who is ready to take risks for the woman he loves. I am looking for a man who is interested in being near me at any time, the one you always have a theme to talk about and the one who is so pleasant to keep silent with. There has to be an attraction on a spiritual, intellectual and emotional level. That is what I seek.

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