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ID: G001095 Natalia
Country: Ukraine
City: Vinnitsa
Date of Birth:
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height (cm): 1
Weight (kg):
Marital status:
Drink alcohol:
Smoke: no
English level:
basic; German level: basic
Person age from:
30 to 48

Self description: I would like to say from the start that  I am a woman who knows exactly what she needs and wants in her life and I do not want to lose time in vain. And of course I do not want to waste your time. If we are good for each other I think we will know quickly at our personal meeting, do you agree? ;) I am a woman who likes  to  move only forward to my goals and build my happiness. I like to set realistic goals for myself and achieve them. I have the job I like and  I feel appreciated at work which also brings me good feeling. I think,  I am a wise woman who can make my man happy. But there is a big problem - I do not have my man yes. Maybe you want to help me solve this problem? Let’s find out if we are good for each other;)
Eye colour: blue-grey
Hair colour: dark brown

Religion: Orthodox
Nationality: Ukrainian
Profession: administrator
Hobbies and interests: In my free time I try to get me busy with the things that bring me joy and good mood. At times I like to draw a little, also I like to create something with hands, like embroidering or other small interesting things. I usually do that for my friends as gifts and they always happy with that.
What you are looking in your partner: It is very important for me how my man treats me. I would like to feel like a real lady when I am with him. I will see my beloved man as a leader? protector and defender in our family, a person whom I trust  completely. Hope you are ready for serious relations and open your heart for real and true feelings. Please, feel free to share your thoughts with me...

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